fredag 29. september 2017

søndag 22. mai 2016

moonday in the desert

It was a crystal fragment fallen from a far away diamond world....
still resonating with the murmur of bright knowledge..
The Magician was happy to have found it..
Upon the far reaches of dry plains the magician sat and spun the celestial wheel of song and light..

mandag 4. april 2016

Red Rhupya begins to understand..

the Scribesprite would always make markings.. word after word it had to make meaning every day..

the magician Pinko Primi..

the hero had no choice but to listen to the magicians whisperings..
-"soon you will be as one with the girl that has always been inside you"..

---"and when our play is done i will turn you into a golden pillar that will always remember and wonder"..

---"what delightful purpose; my ceiling born aloft by a multitude of mute heroes.."

dip in..

close to that little tree growing the demon went swimming..
floating on pleasant and warm dreams from core radiated that demon drifted..dreaming..
"surely some magician will invoke my age old name soon"..