torsdag 22. januar 2009

Forbidden Kiss

Valadiel the warriorangel challenged many fiends with his blade Novalour. Brute claws and maws and all manner of doom he easily overcame. Until he met the pink devil Mezzolouk. From the brow of this devil flowed willpower manifest all around the muscular crown of our hero angel.
-"Worship me with a song from thine heavenly lips" ordered Mezzolouk, and the angel, it`s will invaded by onothers, cast itself down to obey.

mandag 19. januar 2009

devils and angel

We take a look into the little black book.Today; an angel
molested by devils.
The angel Amadiel is flying through the Void, admiring the
crystalline light. In front of it,suddenly; a leathery devil with
a booming voice;- "By the laws of thyne maker; this is a
place forbidden to thee!"
-"I have sinned" sighs Amadiel
A secound devil appears, a sly grin on it`s face; -" By those
selfsame laws we will now exact punishment. It seems, by
thyne God`s decree that you are to submit to us until we
have satisfaction".

lørdag 17. januar 2009

In the cave of the ogre

a zaftig and feisty youth is washing the feet of an ogre.
A drawing from notebook not yet put in the fireplace.
Let doctor Freund help you; feeling sort of empty today?
Consider the many lives lived and yet to be lived. Over so
many years. Your own fits and moments of meaninglessness
are as nothing compared to that. Just allow yourself to float
through the day, makeing your little impressions here and
Waiting for the spring sun; the smell of dusty roads and trees
in bloom.

fredag 16. januar 2009


is the area between the bedposts.
A focused area right where the sleepy kopf is in rest.
There is an elephant climbing a spiral staircase, holding an
umbrella.Of course you need an umbrella, to keep dry from
the atomics of rain.
Even in Sleepyland...
A picture never put up on
The original lost in the pyrosis of purification. Only electro-
stasis remain; the hum and wirr of servitors.
And so more about Sleepyland; Aeroships arrive at the 
station. A Templar prepares to board ( ah-the templars-
fancies of the Umberto Eco novel).
A lioness wanders ( this before the term furries became some-
thing you wish you barely knew).
An image of safety and dreaming slumber; the Questing Furry
asleep on a cloud.