tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Two Entities

"Are all devils malformed?" asked Silkenblau.
"To my knowledge they are" answered Rufusuru.
Some demons are pleasing to the eye. After all; Socrates is supposed to have had one on his shoulder, and it probably did not have a wicked face.

O, the wildly wandering dawn

Yet more images from the Naughtybook

It is springtime in the imaginary world of Alloria, and the shemale Dunkelfeys amuse themselves with a captured Barbhaali.

More from the Naughtybook

It is spring and new images appear on the pages of the Naughtybook, courtesy of the fermented brain

From the Naughtybook

It would be interesting to visit some otherwordly library containing all of mankinds unpublished secrets.
Floating around the Aether, it would probably be closer to Hell than to Heaven.