tirsdag 24. juli 2012

fallen god

In the beginning Celestius made the Phantasmic Plane..
and he was content..
Then he was approached by a tiny and tittering entity...
It suggessted a Delightful Design that caused the God Celestius
much wonder..and not a little puzzlement..even concern at
certain properties of the Design he could not comprehend..
But the entity reassured Celestius it would all turn out
quite Delightful..
So again Celestius created.....
Below the Phantasmic Plane bloomed into existence a new
reality of churning plasma, expanding vapours and other things
both massive and minute..
and he was mystified..
Over the aeons many of his sons, the Celaphili, would descend
into the new reality to fathom its mysteries..but none returned..
But at one momentous moment within the Phantasmic, Celestius
did perceive the faint song of suffering emenating from the depths
of the Creation Cryptic; his Descended Celaphili were suffering
in that deep .....
He descended himself...in Righteos Might and Splendour to free
his fallen sons...
And in that reality below he did strive with shadowy creatures and their creations....until Celestius suddenly, to
his utter astonisment, found himeself subdued by these mysterious things... he had a short reprieve as his
Heroic Host of Celaphili came down from above to save their lord.....but all too soon they too became
victims................and all was lost..
Celestius endured the affections of the lordliege of these creatures who had vanquished him and his host..
It was named Impopious.....and as it had its way with the fallen god it also whispered and teased; " The
Goodness of God has to be put to Good Use...Your Strength has been subdued by Clever Craft..Upon your
Godhead i will craft Infinite Ingeniousities.....I told you it would all turn out Delightful..."

Conflict Cosmicae

one of the most anicent teachers of the Cosmic  Crusaders was
Yodel Humpenstein......
Though Dark Vhaedra held dominance over
every Typhoon Trooper serving aboard
the Voidstation Doomoon....it itself was
subservient to the Moderaticae Malignis

At maximum fluxium the Voidstation Doomoon
held as many as seven Celestial Entities
in thrall by inserting Control Code
into their mental chakras..

mandag 23. juli 2012

Marfl Mythos

Marfl Mixturium

When Super-Mythos mix..
Having Power over Thunder and Lightening might prove insufficient.....especially when opponent is faster than a speeding Tachyon...
And even more so if the hero must  always hold onto the mystic hammer Mhjole to retain his potency....that leaves one hand less to fend off a strange new superhero suffering from Red Ormonite Poisoning...