onsdag 27. februar 2013

torsdag 21. februar 2013

the feisty french schoolboy and the arabian matrons

 Niev Neigenfey was travelling the sultry Middle East---home in Provence they sometimes called him the feisty blonde schoolboy....but true to his character he did not comprehend why.
Two arabian matrons  invited him into their home on a particular hot day....
How suprised was Niev when they began removing his garments....his impassioned objections fell on ears of stone;-"non matron!Ne me deshabille pas! Je promesse. Je suis bon. Tres bon."

After much joyful fondling one of the matrons decided it was time to take out a little toy her husbond had brought from a business trip to Europe....Niev found this new development most disturbing;-"non matron!Non non. Je promesse!Ne me baise pas..Cest trop de punition. Je promesse. Je suis bon."

the devil and angel in dialogue

walking along a path of ice and fire the devil and angel engaged in dialogue....... -"You and yours is causing terrible confusion and suffering in the World" the Angel said heatedly...-" do not think the Celestial Host will allow it!"
The Devil laughed -"My dear one; our design most assuredly takes angels into consideration.....we just need angels to obey us...then we will have a loving ordering of the Cosmos"..

upon the stone

A Godess was sitting upon a rock of great and profound solidity...Her sorrowful humming attracted a conserned angel....."Oh mortal woman...what might be the reason for your sorrow?" it inquired...
-"you do speak it fair one" the Godess sighed... -"I am Mortal...and i am lonely....Please...will you not come down and sit upon this rock with me?"
At this the angel hesitated.....-"why do you hesitate?" the woman asked.............
-"It is just that All-Emenating God has warned us against having dealings with mortals.....He says you sometimes heave designs that you keep hidden.....Designs of an un-wholesome quality.....I am afraid you will cause me suffering if i come down to your company"....
The woman smiled up at the angel  ;  -"There is nothing hidden here....Do you not feel the great love i have for you?"
and the angel was convinsed.....and alighted on the solid stone beside the woman.....
But no sooner than the angel had touched the stone the woman was upon him....pinning him ....and starting to spank him with gusto....until his bottom was radiant.
-"what are you doing now??!!" the angel exclaimed....  "is this the measure of your love???"
-"Indeed it is ! I will soon be dust and forgotten....but now i am imprinting my love upon your bottom so you will never forget the tender soreness  as you dwell immortal in Gods Heaven"..

witch and the demon

Out on a serious quest with serious people....Deneb the witch of the Heart might just get an itch in her special place....
Nothing is easier to remedy..
Just say the Magic Words and the Hometent has a demonic entity visiting..