mandag 18. mars 2013

epic level dungeon

familiar superheroes

one night in Londoomya

wunder frau

by the camp fire

it was thought that when the hag Gormgylp made her Wolvenhead Warriors....she added a bit to much voluptousness to the magic her creations would get a certain unwelcome attention from the other humanoid monsters....late at night by the camp fire when talks of maidens and nuns had gotten the monstrous mind speculating..

the nazi and the cross-dresser

the unicorn and the false maiden

MAXIMULLAH and the Disobedient Angel

All Angels must observe purity and poise..
angels are subservient to the adamite people..
Sing in Heaven...Serve on Earth 
Angels love to serve
Fallen Angels rise again through Purification Pressure; a process that purge the angel of disobedience..

when witches rule the world

by 2066 the great design of the witches was complete......i can only observe the new reality by pink neon. As an unaltered male i am allowed my baggy clothes to hide my imperfections..the time of my species is ending--

above the magic city

lørdag 16. mars 2013

a day in magic city

the handmaiden of slolth

ambushed by goblin and trolls

sapphic juice

red rhupya and madam strix

that elusive promotion

adam swift was on his way to a meeting with madam lubinska vice-president of the mighty Vulvacor Corporation.....swift adjusted his tie and smiled to his reflection in the polished interior of the elevator....he knew he was on his way up..

the hardy-boys tied up again

incredible bulk

seeking to halt the rampages of bulk the military activated the synthoid grown in the alchemic vats of professor gigi longmind......the footage from the conflict become quickly classified material....though it was screened repeatedly in certain officer clubs of a certain disposition.....professor longmind had to endure probing questions into his creatures spontanous growth of an organ unecessary for the task at hand...and why the creature released the incredible bulk after what was seemingly an efficient yet unorthodox repetition of bodily attacks.......yet the professor was let lightly off, for the incredible bulk was very timid and shy for a long time afterwards, displaying no tendencies to gamma-rage.......notes were taken

the cave woman