onsdag 29. mai 2013

tirsdag 28. mai 2013

where the giraffe roam


twas two temperemental maidens hugging eachother with much gusto...
one of Arabia..the other from Tir na Nog....
such furious hugging....yet within the art of poise and balance demanded of old world wrestling..

No Pressure!

the Golden Messenger Competition was getting more to the point with each passing year

fredag 3. mai 2013


It was the heady smell of mown orchards as the bull got crazy with the barons horse...I tell you Smallfield....it was a sight to see old Black humping away at the Pride of Hemsway....and the womenfolk Smallfield; they saw the whole thing....oh my!
Smallfield smiled.....that very night he made this drawing....for he was a man of peculiar taste

Pallas Athene and Ares

the giant and the drow

rubbed the right way

superheroes again