onsdag 22. januar 2014

opposites meet

M A R F L presents . . .

the old enemies Grimthing and Sandface have a showdown…
Grimthing would regret facing the old enemy without the rest of the Superior Three of the Triple Tree backing him up..

the troll & the war-horse

In the aftermath of the Battle for the Noble Node there was a lot of strange going-ons..
Paladins and Celestials suffering indignities at the hands of devils and warlords…
the trolls found that the rumps of the steeds of the fallen Noble Warriors would just about accommodate their huge rods..

torsdag 2. januar 2014

in the garden of the nursing home

Dropping the Garment

somewhere , somehow …;
there is a blonde boy protagonist getting into some kind of trouble with a dominant woman..

witch on top

Do not go home with horny old witches for a drink..

ent and ent-wife

in Mitten-Erde…..
while the Ent is most pleased with having found an Ent-Wife….
at the same time ;
the Hillbitty Dildo Buggins gives an elvish ranger quite the surprise….

the diabolica and the cherub

cherubs are protected by their divine innocence….
but a crafty female devil knows how to get around that..


when no captive angels are available , the devils of Hauubelem resort to tormenting demons..

the gentle succubus and the young angel

out between voids …..silently flying through shimmering spheres and across deep pits…..
the luminous beings…..
sometimes coming together